About Blue Eyes

Important Information about blue eyes

 All kittens are born with blue eyes, somewhere around 6 to 12 wks they begin to change to the color that they are going to be, the only color division in the Persian breed that retain those baby blue's is the Himalayan or a solid white (which can also be copper or jade) and once in a great while, silver will have bahama blue instead of emerald green. We do produce green eyes in multiple body colors and both are recessive and will only stay blue in the aforementioned body color's. The kitten's here will have blue eyes as an adult, shades vary from pastel sky blue to deep ocean blue~ my hope is to educate you as a consumer about these important facts :) They are all beautiful to us, of course, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'..

Available Teacup Kittens with Blue Eyes Below



This precious little boy is absolutely enchanting, his blue eyes are constantly watching to see what adventure is next! 

More pictures and video are available. He is $8500 plus nanny delvery service. Sunkist is a flame lynx point