Available Rughuggers

What is a Rughugger?

It is a designer hybrid of a Persian and Munchkin, created about 30 years ago and gaining in popularity as more people learn that they exist. The most common question we hear is "what is the difference between a "Munchkin" and a "Rughugger Hybrid"?? Simply put, a Munchkin is one of the 2 breeds originally used to create these pint size loves years ago. A Persian is the other. When someone is advertising a "Munchkin" kitten, they simply have no Persian in their bloodline. Persian's brought in the rounder, smoother face and rounded eyes and ears. There are very few people working with 10th generation Rughuggers, that means that for 10 generations (approximately 12 years) we have specifically taken our Rughuggers back into the Persian breed, creating the absolute 'eternal kitten'. All kittens grow up, Teacup and Toy size Persians will mature at about half the size of a standard size Persian. Rughuggers will mature standing approximately 4 inches from the bottom of their feet to the top of their little shoulders. They are comical, bouncing, completely in love with their human families and they depend on you for protecting them from anything that they can not safely climb away from. Please note: we will not approve Rughugger adoptions to anyone with a large, aggressive breed of dog. It's our job to make sure they go to families that are ready for this tiny package full of love. 
We produce Rughuggers in both the long Persian hair and the Exotic, short plush hair. When you see a short hair Rughugger below, yes, one of the parent's is the ever lovable Exotic Shorthair Persians. Examples at the bottom of the page:) 


Rughuggers are here!

We have 2 Red Rughuggers that are just getting their eyes open.