Doll Face or Extreme Face


Which Face came first?

 Know that you want a loving Persian Kitten but not sure what the difference in facial structures is? Often we have an image or even a memory of what we are seeking but the verbage can be confusing, so let's talk about that~ 


 Extreme face Persian cats or baby doll face Persian cats? All the research available to us leads back to the baby doll face being the 'traditional form' of the Persian cat. Some where in the late 70's to early 80's a trend came along in the show halls that prompted Cat Fancier's to begin breeding more extreme Persian cats to each other to produce ribbon winners. Soon, the general value of the Persian cat became directly linked to the placement of their little noses. This look, often described as the "show face", does not, however, appeal to the majority of the general public. "Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder", and a new trend has been fast approaching since the turn of this century, one of a softer and not quite so compressed face. What are the biggest differences from a health aspect? Any time that the sinus cavity is compressed, it only stands to reason that the animal will have a greater chance of respiratory issues. This is not to say that you won't ever see an extreme Champion that is the picture of health, because it is very possible. The law of average often prevails anytime we humans interfere and manipulate the natural genetic design of Mother Nature's creatures. Tearing and staining is another common occurrence with the more extreme face Persian Cats as well, making them somewhat higher maintenance. Many breeder's are now using some of each (extreme and doll face Persian Cats) in their breeding program's to create a nice tight face, large round eyes but yet with somewhat of a nose to circumvent breathing difficulties. 


 Thank goodness for the difference of taste among Cat Fancier's, allowing the public a choice of what body style they desire in a Persian Cat. After all, it's an investment in a lifetime companion and it should be the individual Cat Lover's face of choice, be it extreme or doll.     

We love the "teddy bear" look, which is a beautiful culmination of both facial structures that took us over a decade to get "just right". People often ask me which is best? Follow your heart and own personal taste on this with one simple fact in mind: a very extreme face will require wiping far more often. Much like the debate over short haired Persian (exotic) or long haired Persian, know and understand the maintenance required before you make the commitment. The breed is unmatched on loyalty and affection, making them number one of all pure bred feline's. 

Hope the example pictures here of "extreme face" and "doll face" persian's help illustrate the difference. These are not for sale but are past kittens or cats.