Our Toy Story about Teacup Persian kittens for sale


 The Persian is typically a heavy boned, cobby body cat. Often boasting a large round head with eyes to match. How did we come to create the Teacup and Toy size??  Over a decade ago we found ourselves the guardians of a small Canadian Persian breeding program, this line had a small bone structure, everything was proportionate, just smaller by about 5 lbs than the standard size Persian. This very special line also brought some unique characteristics that were not as common to us. They LOVE to talk! They also love to hug, literally wrapping their arms around your neck like a toddler and hanging on as you go about your activities. Even giving that tight squeeze when you let them down as if they don't want to let go. Because their arrival was brought about by the loss of a dear friend, we bonded with these little cats like noone, not even us, could imagine. As time went on, we blended these gracious cats with our own lines and within the first 5 years, we were consistently producing overall smaller bone structure Persian Kittens. The hugging part, well that's just a bonus because they don't ALL do that :)
Because these kitty's have over a decade of genetics now behind them, we felt it was easier to define the size as best anyone can, and clearly state if the kitten will be a Teacup (under 8 lbs at full maturity) or a Toy size (under 10 lbs at full maturity) So, that's our Toy Story and how our small lines came to be. This is also where our very rare "cocoa colored" kittens come from. Not to be confused with chocolate! We have never seen this color in the U.S. before our sweet little Canadians came into our life, and we are certain that you won't find this color anywhere else. The cocoa color comes in multiple body patterns and often with green eyes, while occasionally, blue eyes will appear. It's truly unique and we don't get a lot of this color, so when we have one, he or she is often sold the same day they are posted here. We aren't the inventors of this color, however, we are blessed to have been entrusted with it.
Red Shell and Red Smoke are also a trademark of our little Canadians, you can bet if you see either of these, they are directly from the hugging line:) These colors come in both long and short hair, that wasn't always the case and it took time and patience, but they are here!